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Family and Youth

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Family as a Holy Institution
When a family lives together harmoniously, it creates a heavenly atmosphere in the home. Unfortunately, sometimes these are not happy families, which results in a disaster in the home and ultimately creates hell on earth. Through their attitudes and actions, each member of the family possesses the power to create an atmosphere for an ideal family (heaven) or they are capable of making it a miserable life on earth.

Complements and Criticism
For a relationship to succeed, the frequency of positive comments has to outweigh negative remarks by about five to one. In other words, it takes five instances of agreement and support to undo the harm caused by a single criticism.

7 Powerful Steps to Increase Self-Confidence
As an adult those who have experienced any form of deprivation need to re-establish what is their birth-right: Self-confidence/Self-esteem.

Fathers: Key to Their Children's Faith
A rather obscure but large and important study conducted by the Swiss government in 1994 and published in 2000 revealed some astonishing facts with regard to the generational transmission of faith and religious values.

The Family Spirit
Mother Angelica stresses the importance of our family relationship and the effect it has on our lives.

Matrimony - The Living Sacrament
Mother Angelica writes on the Sacrament of Matrimony. She says it is "a sign to the world of the invisible God living in our midst—the living God who bears fruit in the lives of two people."

Marriage Is Bigger Than We Are
There is always a sense of God at the weddings I have been a part of. After all, we know and acknowledge that God is the one who ordained marriage, He is the one who defines and upholds it, for marriage is Holy.

Christian Family in the Globalized World
Excerpts from the Couple's Conference held on 31 May, 2008 at St George Church, NY.

Family Stress Management - Easy Strategies For Busy Families
Family stress management is a crucial part of managing your overall well-being. Whether stress comes from balancing jobs, family, and home life, no matter how hard we try it looms there, working its way into family life. Children today are experiencing more stress related to school, peer pressure, and media events than ever before.

Being Happy is a choice
Have you ever noticed how some people seem to stay positive no matter what life throws at them whilst others get knocked back at every little setback? It's all down to the way they see life.

Be Happy With What You Have
It is easy to think "If I could just get a new car, a bigger house, a better job, or more money, then I'll be happy." We tend to view happiness as a commodity attainable by wealth. However, as the old saying goes, "money cannot buy happiness."

How Do I Gain Forgiveness From My Parents?
To gain forgiveness with your parents is very simple and yet 99% of all people will never do what I’m about to ask you to do.

3 Conflict Management Techniques to Obey
The worst part about conflicts is that they appeal to our worst qualities and attributes. Conflicts sometimes seem to come out of no where, for little reason and once started they incite in ourselves anger, resentment, frustration and despair.

4 Tips to Staying Motivated in the Midst of Failure
Know this: everyone fails from time to time but failure is not the end of the line unless you allow it to be.

Listen… to Understand
It is so easy to play the role of a fool (described in Proverbs) when we are dealing with a strained or broken relationship. Rather than seeking to understand the other person, we will often feel the need to make the other person understand our hurt.

I Just Want to be Understood
Sure, I love it when someone hears me and sees me and understands me - but now it's the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Now I can listen to others from my heart and truly see and understand them because I don't need anything from them.

How Do You Build Positive Relationships?
Research found out that many career failures are not caused by incompetence or lack of skills, but by the various workplace conflicts/personality clashes and/or individual differences amongst employees or with their bosses.

Confidence Building Exercises: 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem
In this article, I'll show you a few activities that can boost your self-esteem. Not only will you be able to present yourself better at work, you’ll also be able to socialize with everybody comfortably.

How To Improve Your Self-Esteem
Most people can take a few knocks to their self-esteem whist still remaining positive; however, for a few people they go through life with a generally negative view of themselves and the world even when positive events occur.

How Not To Look Old When You’re Fabulous Over 50
There’s nothing that says we have to settle for our looks and accept our bodies just because we’re aging. In fact, there’s a whole new you that can be uncovered with just a few simple changes to your makeup and wardrobe.

Who Are You Nice To?
Why is it that people are sometimes nicer to strangers and people they work with than to their own family? They are polite and smile, they even say thank you and please. They talk nicely; they don't snap and yell.

Are You Happy?
I believe that finding happiness and maintaining this feeling as a constant in our life is directly linked to our personal fulfillment. If we are avid in pursuing our own personal growth and development then we will experience authentic happiness.

True Happiness: Find Happiness Wherever You Can
To find the true meaning of happiness is by far every man’s ultimate goal in life. Of course, we all want to be happy—who doesn’t? They say that true happiness is such an elusive thing. Sometimes, you don’t really have to find it but it’s up to you to feel happy in even all the small things in life.

Finding True Happiness: Part One
What does it take for man to find true happiness in the world that we live in? How can a person be content in this fast-paced, drive-thru society that we are a part of?

What Are They Thinking About Me?
Why should most people be thinking about you? They are far more concerned with what you are thinking about them to spend time thinking about you!

Circle Of Life
Every life is a circle. You and I and everyone that is born into this world is a circle. Our circle belongs to us and no one else.  Those who are allowed in are usually able to see a deeper and intimate side of us. We are the only ones who can give permission as to what or who comes into our circles. This is very important. Who we date, marry, what kinds of friends we have, whatever the situation, we allow or invite people into our circles.

Quitting Bad Habits
Quitting habits are something each of us continually strive to do, whether it's something small such as stopping biting our nails or something bigger such as quitting smoking.

What is Anxiety and How to Cope
Anxiety is a feeling that everyone experiences at some time throughout our lives. It is our natural reaction to situations we find threatening. Anxiety, in itself, is actually a positive emotion. However, in some people, their levels of anxiety becomes overwhelming and can prevent them from living a normal, healthy life. Statistics show that around one in ten people will experience symptoms of anxiety at some point in their lives.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

What the Bible says about Alcoholism
We see frequent discussions and news stories on "Alcoholism among Christians". Whether Kerala comes first in the list or not, the topic is highly relevant today.

Having Just Two Drinks Can Slow Elder Reactions
Two single vodka and orange drinks can slow reactions in seniors, researchers in the Netherlands and the United States suggest.

Alcohol and Stroke: Your Stroke Risk Goes Up After Drinking
New research reveals that the risk of stroke doubles in the hour after drinking one serving of wine, beer or hard liquor.

Drug Abuse and its Prevention in Young People
We tend to grow up with the absolute understanding that drugs are a valid solution to many of our problems or issues. Children find it easier to justify their own usage of drugs.

Why alcohol is as bad as crack
65,000 will be hospitalized and another 3500 will die from drinking too much in Australia this year, according to the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation (AER).

Close the doors early on teenage binge drinking
As Moore rightly argues, a liquor license should be regarded as a privilege, not a right. That's why she is attempting to wind back the opening hours of badly run premises where patrons are not safe, under-age drinking is rife, and violence and anti-social behavior spills on to the streets.

Addictions and Your Cross to Bear
Two little stories contain some spiritual truths that can help the addict or alcoholic look at the way they are living their lives. If you think that your troubles are worse than anyone else's you will remain in self-pity.

How to Help a Family Member Cope with Drug Addiction
Any family can become a victim of drug addiction at any time. Having discovered that a member of your family has a problem with drug addiction how do you help them cope with it?

Addiction - 60 Day Key Fob And A Powerful Thirst
I have worked in the addictions field now for 12 years, and I am certainly baffled. We had the honor of watching and walking through, the painful excavating and facing of, the dark places inside a young adult I'll call Peter.

Living With An Alcoholic
Living with an addict of any kind is always difficult, especially when you love them and they are part of your family. Addictive behavior is very destructive and the addict can unwittingly ruin the life of their loved ones.

Living With An Alcoholic – Don’t Forget To Have A Life
Often people who live with an alcoholic spend much if, not all, of their time looking after the drinker. They worry about when he will arrive home, even if he will arrive home.

Is There A Treatment For Alcohol Addictions?
If you drink alcohol frequently then you could have alcohol addictions. These addictions are one of the hardest to eliminate. The causes are deep seated emotional problems. To end drinking, requires a strong will and a good method or process that you can follow.

Sobriety Maintenance: 5 Tips to Stay Safe and Sober
In recovery, only one thing has to change, but that is everything. And everything is included in everything. Spirituality, emotionality and mentality are addressed in other articles. This article is purely about the material and physical.

Stay Sober: 5 Tips for the Holiday Season in Recovery
Here are 5 tips to help you maintain your sobriety as the holidays approach. If you are an alcoholic, getting sober is one of the hardest things you may ever do, staying sober will be the hardest, and you need all the help you can get. Read these tips, one of them may just save your life.

5 Drink Suggestions for People in Early Recovery
You've gotten sober, and the inevitable will eventually happen. You will be at a function, or restaurant, and you will be asked, "What can I get you to drink?" Anyone who is a social drinker will likely wonder why they are reading this article at this point, but alcoholics in recovery understand. This can be a life-threatening question!

Raising Children

Ideal Parenting in Christian Perspective
A human being needs the growth of the body and spirit in a good proportion. If the balance between the growth of the body and spirit is disturbed, the growth will not reach the desired dimension. If the growth is taking place in one side only, the other side will perish.

Bullying And It’s Impact On Kids
Bullying is a major problem kids are facing now days. Kids are committing suicide due to bullying. Our world is facing a major issue, and I think we need to bring more awareness to bullying.

How to Parent An Angry Child
We spend most of our time trying to control anger in children by giving them what they are giving us: Anger for anger. Does it work? Not often. And, not for long either.

Toddlers Activity: Guidelines To Get Toddlers To Pay Attention
Most toddlers can hear just fine, but you wouldn't know it from the way they act! It's tough to get their attention, but it's important that they understand when it's time to listen to mommy or daddy.

Healthy Living For Modern Children: 3 Variables For Optimal Child Health
Raising a child in the modern world presents a host of modern challenges, and among those challenges is providing the variables that lead to the health of a human child and help them eventually grow into a healthy adult. Poor health is rightfully blamed on a lot of societal woes—both psychological and physical—and even criminal behavior is most often tied back to the start we are given in our childhood.

Making Time For Your Family
When it comes to your new career plan, you may find you have even less time for yourself and your family-especially if you have to continue to work while you are pursuing the new goals you have set for yourself. So in order to help balance things out, you may need to get creative.

5 Reasons Why Babies Cry
Ask any parent of a newborn child and they will tell you through bleary eyes that babies cry. Crying is how infants communicate their need for sleep, hunger, their desire to be held, pain, and more.

What You Don't Need to Organize When You Are Expecting
As soon as that cute little baby bump makes its appearance, the unsolicited advice rears its ugly head. From your best friend to your mother-in-law to a complete stranger in the check-out line, everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to your growing belly and how you'll deal with it all.

There Are Many Ways That Raising Special Needs Kids Is Rewarding For Parents
Special needs children will not be easy to raise, but the joy of watching them grow will make it all worthwhile to any parent. One thing you have to know is that when you will not be able to get your hands on a special handbook that will help you ensure that you raise your child right.

8 Ways to Survive a Family Holiday with a Child with Autism
There are ways to alleviate some of the stress and create an enjoyable getaway for every member of the family when vacationing with a child with autism. Some simple guidelines and smart planning will make a big difference!

Out of the House and Into the Unknown: Helping Individuals with Autism Cope in a Social World
Life at home with a child with autism is rarely easy. Changes in routine, unexpected visitors, difficulties with food, toileting and dressing can be disruptive to the whole family.

Teens Issues

Children as young as 10 in rehab for alcohol abuse
Children as young as 10 are seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, while five teens and young people die each week in incidents tied to binge drinking. One in five teenagers now regularly binge drinks by the time they turn 16, with the rate jumping to about 50 per cent by age 18.

Preventing Teen Drunk Driving
Drunk-driving statistics show that, car accidents are the leading cause of deaths for American teens aged 15-24. The study also shows that 74 % of those car accidents involve young drivers that are not wearing seatbelts.

Teenage Alcohol Abuse Starts in the Home
Teenage alcohol abuse is on the increase all over the world. This is a relatively new addiction to this age group and authorities everywhere are scrambling to understand why it is happening; what to do about it and to put the necessary essential programs in place to deal with it.

How to Recognize Anxiety in Children and Adolescents
Problems with a too-high level anxiety can start in childhood with children and adolescents worrying to a greater extent than their peers about all sorts of things. Some behaviors are an indication of a fussy and over tidy child. When we go just a little bit over fussiness and we have entered the realm of an anxiety disorder.

How to Control Anger Before It Destroys Your Future
Anger is destructive and is a destroyer of destinies. Many people have lost jobs, relationships, and opportunities, all because of anger.

Adolescent Anger Management Ideas To Aid Both Parent And Child
Puberty can be extremely hard for both genders. On occasion, events around an adolescent make them very mad. Several adolescents are clueless when it comes to dealing with their anger in a positive manner. Therefore, they strike out at those who matter most to them.

They Never Came Home: Teenage Drinking and Driving
There’s nothing wrong with giving a teenager a car. As long as he or she knows the limitations and the cautions he or she has to follow. One wrong move or choice in a teen’s part could lead to accidents or worse, death.

Teens And Sex
The Church teaches that sexual intercourse outside of marriage is contrary to its purpose. Apart from the church, now public schools are also preaching the advantages of abstinence. Even then, premarital sex is growing and becoming an important issue.

Seniors and Aging Parents

Should Seniors and Retirees Consider Working Part Time?
It will be easier to think of working part-time if you realize that working full time is no longer a must. The computer has enabled the adjustment of working hours as well as location of where you work. This is probably a good time to reconsider traditional thinking.

Caring For An Aging Parent – Tips For Easing The Burden
Scary. Exhausting. Life-changing. These are just a few of the thoughts that run through an adult child’s head when they start to think about caring for an aging parent.

Caring For Aging Parents – Solutions For The Sandwich Generation
If you care for your own children in addition to caring for aging parents, you’re a card-carrying member of what’s called the sandwich generation. You have unique challenges, and these tips will help you meet them.

Tips For Caring for Elderly Relatives
During an interview on National Public Radio, Chicago Tribune columnist Amy Dickinson said that, “…it really requires 6 to 8 people to keep someone in their home with 24 hour care.”

Elderly Quality of Life, It’s All About Independence
Most elderly people want to keep their independence as long as they can. They also need companionship and the attention of people they love and care about. And it is also very good for people who are older to feel useful.

Seniors' Needs Are Similar To Younger Adults In Many Ways But Considerably Different In Others
Seniors have the same needs everyone else has. They need food, shelter, some secure income, friends, something to keep them entertained, and good medical care. But it is also true that seniors may have other needs like handicapped accessibility at home, help with house keeping and shopping, or even skilled nursing and medical care.

Falls And The Elderly
More than one in three people age 65 years or older fall each year. The risk of falling and thus fall-related injuries rises proportionally with age. Each year, more than 1.6 million older persons go to US emergency departments for fall-related injuries.

Senior Drivers - How to Facilitate Your Aging Parent Understand When it is No longer Safe to Drive
Elderly drivers can be a real problem to themselves and others on the road. As we age one of the hardest things to do is give up our independence. Convincing your aging parents the time has come to quit driving is not easy.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Emotional Abuse: Why Is It So Damaging?
Emotional abuse is the most common and most damaging kind of abuse but it is often down played, if you reach out for help, people will often wonder what all the fuss is about. People who have suffered physical or sexual abuse often report that it was the emotional abuse that caused the most damage.

Emotionally Abusive Relationships - Common Behaviors and Tactics Abusers Use
Emotional abuse is silent, insidious and extremely dangerous to the victim. It slowly and systematically wears away at the victim's soul. It erodes self-worth, confidence, trust, faith and the ability to have confidence in one's own perceptions.

Spousal Abuse, Mental Abuse, Types of Aggressive Behavior
Domestic abuse can come in different forms including physical aggression, or threatening the spouse thereof; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; being in control or domineering; intimidation; constant stalking; covert or passive abuse (e.g. neglect) and depriving one of money. Drinking and mental conditions are often co-morbid with IPV, and are additional obstacles when present together with patterns of abuse.

100 Domestic Violence Facts
DV, Spousal Abuse and intimate partner abuse statistics come from only two major sources, Agency Data and Survey Data. The problem with the data is that it is biased because it is too varied, complex and partially un-volunteering.

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
The statistics indicate that when one parent, typically the male, is abusive to the other parent, the children are more likely to be abused as well.

Damaged: How Domestic Violence Shapes A Child
Studies have shown that males who batter their partners are also likely to batter their children and it is estimated that around 3 million youngsters are exposed to violent behavior at home every year. Children from abusive homes are also more prone to be sexually and physically abused and are generally more neglected than those in non-abusive dwellings.

Benefits from the Domestic Violence Classes
The goal of domestic violence classes is to make the sufferer and performer recognize that domestic violence is an intolerable behavior. Every human has the right to live free from abuse, intimidation and violence. The perpetrator is 100% liable for his abusive behavior.

Relationship Issues - How to Save Your Marriage

The Hardest Prayer I Ever Prayed
Margaret and I had gone into, suffered through, and emerged on the other side of a solid year of marriage counseling. We had learned much about ourselves and our different backgrounds and the completely opposite drives that had brought us into this marriage in the first place.

Anger: A Toxin in Marriage
There are many occasions where a little emotion becomes destructive, ruining our emotional health as well as our marital health. Too much of almost any emotion is likely to cause some level of destruction.

Sexual Intimacy Begins With the Heart
God ordained that marriage should be filled with love and respect, and the two are inextricably linked (Ephesians 5: 22-32). When a man truly loves his wife, she will naturally respond with respect. This can occur in your marriage following these principles.

Six Tips for a Healthy Relationship
Clearly, all relationships face their own unique challenges. For those who aren't quite ready to separate, let's discuss strategies that have worked for us. Things that we have found to be helpful in healing wounds, preventing wounds, fostering genuine fondness, earning respect, and just plain old surviving life with your significant other.

Broken Marriages Can be Repaired A Devotional
Family is the fountain of joy on earth. Parting with your family never reaches the destination of Happiness by any other institutions that has been invented by humans because the union of man and woman is the creator’s dictum just like the gravitational rule of earth.

Communication in Marriage
Marriage counselors agree: Most, if not all, marriage problems are rooted in poor communication. We often act in our marriages as though we are soloists, singing alone and beholden to nobody. But marriage is a duet, not a solo. And the Song of Solomon shows us a real life marriage filled with the music of intimate, personal, and open communication.

Redeeming the Realities of Marriage
If you are going to have a marriage that lives in unity, understanding, and love, you must have a little-moment approach to your marriage. This is the nature of the life God has designed for us.

Commitment -What is the Meaning of 'For Better or For Worse'
Commitment is a mindset . . . an attitude . . . a way of thinking that will enable you and your spouse to navigate through the still waters and the storms of a marriage relationship.

Time Together - Prescription for a Healthy Marriage
A team of counselors recently suggested that any marriage can be improved by committing to a 30/30 plan--spending thirty minutes together for thirty days.

Use Conflict Resolution to Save Your Marriage
In today’s day and age, we are increasingly challenged with conflicts in our daily life and especially in our marriage. In this article, we will explore a few ways to save your marriage by introducing some useful insights into conflict resolution.

Is Communication Breakdown The Root Cause Of Marriage Breakup?
Communication is the most vital component in building relationships. Without it, breakdowns are inevitable and will led to marriage breakups.

How To Prevent A Break Up - Relationship Advice
Usually couples break up when there is some kind of tension or friction between the two people. Sometimes there is a serious source of difference that makes living together impossible, perhaps a conflict of values or interests or actions and habits.

Save My Relationship - How To Get A 2nd Chance In Your Relationship
In order to salvage your marriage and stop a divorce, you need to sway your ex to give the partnership a second chance. Still, how do you actually do this? Notwithstanding it isn't always possible, it is positively crucial in order to try to salvage your relationship.

Is It Possible For Me To Save This Marriage Alone?
Generally, no couple likes to break up. They both want each other to be happy by resolving all problems between them. Now, the only question is – Is it possible for you save this marriage alone?

Tips To Save A Marriage
If your marriage is on the rocks, you should understand the exact problem before doing what is needed to solve it. Here are my tips on how to save a marriage for all couples whether they just got married or been married for some time.

Easy Steps on How to Avoid Divorce and Save Your Marriage
Going through a divorce is very challenging ordeal for all parties involved. The spouses and the children will undergo extreme pressure under the threat of a dissolved marriage. However, before taking the divorce proceedings, the spouses should make an effort to plan on how to avoid divorce and save their marriage.

How To Prevent Divorce: 5 Simple Methods To Adopt
Divorce can be prevented. Prevention, they say, is better than cure. Put the following factors into consideration and your marriage will be secured forever.

How to Prevent Divorce - Here Are Ways to Help Save Your Marriage!
It can be tough to deduce how to prevent divorce. I (the author) have experienced all stages of this fully - so you can believe me when I say "I know this." It's easy to get lost on desperation and confusion.

How to Bypass the Road to Divorce
If you want to come to terms with your negative feelings, notice what has changed in your marriage. And try to see your own part in what's going on. If there's a glimmer of hope and you want to stay together, accept the challenge of turning it around.

World Peace? How About Home Peace First
If we are to make major advancements toward world peace, let's start developing a healthy relationship in our domestic settings - especially with our Ex's - and most importantly when there are children involved.

Staying in Peace After Divorce

Overcoming Bitterness – Why Feeling of Bitterness is Bad for You
At the start of it, every new relationship is perfect. What starts slowly ruining this “perfection” are the people who are within it and the expectations they bring with them. If the partners come into the relationship with an open mind, just enjoying living it day by day and accepting their partners as they are, there would be less breakups.

Matrimony to Acrimony or Harmony?
The importance of the choices you make when your marriage ends through which children were born into this world, becomes more apparent as time continues to march forward. Each step takes us down one of two pathways - acrimony or harmony.

4 Ways How to Get Over Break Up and Fast
Breaking up is hard to do. It can be hard even if you are the initiator or if you are the one being dumped. Why are they so hard? First, if you are the one being dumped, the pain you feel can be enormous. Second, if you are the initiator, it’s the feeling of change that can be hard to deal with.

8 Basic Types of Child Custody
Several child custody options are established in a family court. It is important for a parent to know their difference, as well as the every type of custody to fully practice their parenting right during a trial in a family court.

The Effect of Divorce on Children
A blended family introduces a number of issues including family system disruption, reduced resources, step family member conflict and the parental conflict.

What divorce does to children
It may be more socially acceptable and common, but divorce today has the same kind of devastating effect on a kid’s prospects in life as it did years ago. The National Child Development Study was carried out in the UK, and as a part of it researchers tracked around 17,000 people.

Children - The True Victim Of Divorce
Divorce can be devastating to the children and may leave a long-lasting scar that may affect their being useful citizens of the community. During the divorce process, the offspring’s will go through emotional conflicts. Anger is prevalent. Anger at the present condition, anger towards their parents, themselves and some may feel that they are to at fault for the separation.


Tornado Survival Tips
It is generally considered common knowledge that being underground is the best bet you can make when a tornado strikes, but what happens when you don't have a tornado or cellar available, and what do you do once you're in your safe area? If you live in a tornado prone area, it is very important to know what you should do when you hear a warning siren.

General Interest Articles

India is Changing
An experience shared by someone who went out with his wife to Varanasi (aka Benaras)

Proclaim Christ, Avoid Syncretism: Papal Address to Indian Bishops
Describing India as a “home to various ancient religions, including Christianity,” Pope Benedict urged a group of Latin-rite bishops from India to promote a culture of religious freedom and tolerance, avoid “semblances of syncretism,” and proclaim Christ.

Christians Under Attack From Anti-Government Protesters in Syria
Christian communities across Syria have been attacked by anti-government protesters in recent weeks. International Christian Concern says that protesters are being led by hard-line Islamists.

Oxford Study Shows Belief in God is Part of Human Nature
A three-year study led by Oxford University concluded that humans are predisposed to belief in God – in some form or fashion.

How to Live Everyday in Heaven...on Earth
I experience Heaven on Earth everyday: an incredibly beautiful, peaceful and holy place all around me where problems dissolve into joy, people appear resplendent, and the everyday world is transfigured into a timeless and enchanted wonderland.

More God, Less Crime
Wilson pointed to a landmark 1986 study conducted by Harvard economist Richard Freeman, who found that "going to church is associated with substantial differences in how young men behave. More churchgoing, less crime, less alcohol and fewer drugs."

Sai baba and chemmachen
A humorous look at Christianity.

A Leper to Lead Us
It was on May 10, 1873, that Father Damien came to the fledgling colony of lepers on the Hawaiian island of Molokai for the first time. In the process he not only brought a measure of order to the disorganized band he met there; in time he made the cause of leprosy his own.

Don't encourage Arab revolutions, Melkite patriarch tells Western leaders
Patriarch Gregorios III, the Syria-based head of the Melkite Greek-Catholic Church, is warning Western leaders not to encourage the revolutions currently shaking up the Middle East. “Our Arab countries are not ready for revolutions” the patriarch explained in a recent letter to Western leaders.

How Not to Minister to the Hurting
Recently, while talking to Holly and her mother, I began to pick up on some truly bizarre things people said to them after Holly's young-adult brother Seth's tragic automobile accident that left him severely disabled, completely helpless, and almost without the ability to communicate. Holly describes his condition as "a low level of consciousness due to a profound brain injury."

Who Will Cry For Us Now?...David Wilkerson Obituary
Out of Wilkerson’s work on the streets of New York city, came Teen Challenge, the singularly most successful drug rehabilitation program in existence. Totally Christ centered, unabashedly evangelical, Teen Challenge truly works wonders in lives to this day.

Sree Sathya Sai Baba and Me
Our church in Chennai and I have been enjoying the service and love that Sai Baba has instilled in the lives of his disciples to serve others without receiving any returns.

How to Prevent Identity Theft - An Australian Lawyer's Advice
A corporate LAWYER sent the following out to the employees in his company. Worth reading.

Jesus Christ in the Book of Quran
90 verses from 14 chapters of Quran have references about Jesus Christ.

It's dog's life after all..
Whose expectations are you meeting?

Dealing With Disappointments
We can’t control the things that happen to us, a wise man once said, but we can very much control how we respond to them.

For Indians Its 'Me' - No 'We' or Teamwork
One thing I have noticed being in the east is 'we' is always more important than 'me'. Japanese, Koreans, in particular, and Chinese included are willing to work for their country, company, society ahead of individuals.

Learning From Mistakes
This is a story about a famous research scientist who had made several very important medical breakthroughs. A newspaper reporter asked him why he thought he was able to be so much more creative than the average person. What set him so far apart from others?

10 things to learn from Japan... a nation in a Crisis
The behavior of the Japanese people during the national crisis is a great lesson on civic behavior during a time of crisis.

Universal principle: Applied Faith
No one knows how many years it will take for Japan's ordinary people to return to normalcy of before March 2011. And not only survivors but all Japanese have nowhere to flee to.

Letter written by a father to his son
Following is a letter to his son from a renowned Hong Kong TV broadcaster cum Child Psychologist. The words are actually applicable to all of us, young or old, children or parents.! This applies to daughters too.

Sustenance of Life and Spirituality
The first and foremost threat to the sustenance of life on earth is the untoward activities of man himself. The harmful ecological changes happening around us is the by-product of the perverted life style of the modern man.

Rick Warren: Mainline Church Problems Need Evangelical Solution
Warren called for “reconciliation” between mainline and evangelical churches and reminded the audience that Jesus taught his followers to love their God with all their heart, mind and soul, as well as to love their neighbors as themselves.

Defend Doctrine, but Don't Attack Others, Pope Says at Audience
Even in the midst of the upheaval of the Protestant Reformation in Germany, St. Peter Canisius knew how to defend Catholic doctrine without launching personal attacks on those who disagreed, Pope Benedict XVI said.

Did the Catholic Church Have Its Origin in Paganism?
A Protestant pastor tells how he got involved in the issue and how his understanding of the issue has changed.

Do We Really Need Bishops?
I find no evidence in the Bible that the Scriptures mandate a particular form of ecclesiastical polity. This includes congregationalism and presbyterianism as well as episcopacy.

Missionary Doctor Witnesses Depressing Medical Cases
Medical missions has a definite role in reaching out to people with the love of Jesus. When we are treating their bodies, we are also touching their souls by telling them we care.

The Art of Giving
The wealth of the noble is used solely for the benefit of others! Even after accepting that giving is good and that one must learn to give, several questions need to be answered.

Golden Rules Learned in Life from Napoleon Hill
In keeping with the tradition of taking inventory of what lessons have been learned during the past year, I would like to offer my year end thoughts.

What Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-one Has Taught Me
by Napoleon Hill. I approach my work for the coming year with renewed faith in the philosophy of the foregoing seven paragraphs, and, with positive evidence that I will get out of life exactly in proportion to what I put into it.

Yahrzeit - Things I learned in a Year
Close to a year ago I wrote an article entitled "When You Have No Choice" which discussed the passing away of my former wife and the challenges that created for me and for my children. A year's time – Yahrzeit – has now passed since her death and I wanted to share with you some insights I have gained during these last twelve months.

Armageddon Fortress May Hold Keys to History
The word "Armageddon" comes from the Hebrew Har Megiddo, which means mountain of Megiddo, where Revelation says the final battle will take place. To the untrained observer, the modern-day site of Megiddo looks like one more hill in the Carmel mountain range near Haifa.

Who Destroyed Megiddo? Was It David or Shishak?
Most scholars accept David as a historical figure who was an active military ruler in the period portrayed in the Hebrew Bible (the early tenth century B.C.E.). However, there is considerably less agreement on how to interpret the archaeological evidence for this period.

Koorthamala Orthodox/Marthoma Church - A Symbol of Christian Unity
Koorthamala Church stands tall as a symbol of Christian unity and fellowship among different denominations. This Church was started in 1885. MarThoma Church and Orthodox Church shares the same church building, baptismal font, office and cemetery.

The man who dated Creation at Oct. 23, 4004 BC
Odd, isn’t it, that it’s always poor James Ussher (1581-1656), the Irish theologian who famously calculated the precise date of Creation – Oct. 23, 4004 BC – who gets mocked as the looniest of the deluded Christians.

What the Bible says about Alcoholism
We see frequent discussions and news stories on "Alcoholism among Christians". Whether Kerala comes first in the list or not, the topic is highly relevant today.

Christian Family in the Globalized World
Excerpts from the Couple's Conference held on 31 May, 2008 at St George Church, NY.

Hindu Jesus: A Different Kind of Christianity
Thousands of Jews who studied Hinduism and Buddhism have come to see Jesus as a mystical rabbi, a passionate religious reformer and a moral leader whose legacy was sadly corrupted.

HG Dr. Gheevarghese Mar Osthathios: Theology of Speed
The first impression one gets when dealing with Osthathios thirumeni is that he is a fast talker and fast walker. Why?

Interesting and Mind Boggling Information
You're gonna say "I didn't know that!" at least 5 times when you read this!

Serving Others Will Help You by Napoleon Hill
One of the surest ways to achieve your own success in life is by helping others to attain theirs. The truly affluent person is the one who can afford to give of himself, of his time and energy, to the benefit of others.

15 Laws of Life By Swami Vivekananda
What You Need to Keep in Mind

Managing Stress
A lecturer was giving a lecture to his student on stress management. He raised a glass of water and asked the audience, "How heavy do you think this glass of water is?"

The Story of Peng Shuilin
Next time you want to complain about something trivial, DON'T. Remember Peng Shulin instead.

Used vs Loved - A good lesson to learn
Anger and Love have no limits. Choose the latter to have a beautiful, lovely life. Things are to be used and people are to be loved. The problem in today's world is that people are used while things are loved.

A Very Special Boss
The real story about a special boss.


Leadership and Management Articles

7 Powerful Steps to Increase Self-Confidence
As an adult those who have experienced any form of deprivation need to re-establish what is their birth-right: Self-confidence/Self-esteem.

Sashi Tharoor on Kerala
Look around the planet, and you see Keralites everywhere, working extremely hard, from menial jobs in the Gulf to professorships in the States, displaying their entrepreneurial energies and achieving remarkable successes. So what is it that holds them back here, in their home state?

Satyagraha, Your Secret Marketing Weapon
Satyagraha was popularized by Mohandas Gandhi during his fight for Indian independence. It became synonymous with the use of civil disobedience as a political tool. Gandhi believed that truth had great moral power to galvanize resolve against an oppressor, while also garnering support from the rest of the world. And history proved him right.

You can move mountains when you learn to... Recognize the Value of Others
The most intense yearning of every normal person is for recognition of his value and worth as an individual human being. This is the greatest reward you can give anyone - to let him know that you appreciate him for himself alone, rather than for what he can do for you.

The Ladder of Success is Never Crowded at the Top
The man with creative vision knows that he can succeed only by helping others succeed, and he knows also that it is not necessary for another man to fail in order that he may succeed.

Success Requires a Marathon not a Sprint
We live in a society that constantly focuses upon immediate rewards and instant gratification. Nothing worth having ever comes quick and easy. In our world today, everyone is focused on having. They want to have everything now and worry about paying for it later.

How to Get Dreams Off the Launching-Pad
A burning desire to be and to do is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition.

Don't Stop Chasing Your Dream!
In the mid 1970s, a man named Sylvester had a dream of one day becoming a movie actor, but couldn't find a talent agency in New York City willing to take a chance on him.

Fear is the Greatest Single Obstacle to Success
Fear can be a blessing when it raises its flag of caution so we pause and study a situation before making a decision or taking action.

The Power of Belief and Expectation
While you may not always get what you want, you will always get what you expect! The power of belief and expectation work just as effectively on your feelings of self-doubt and limitation as they do on your thoughts of success and achievement.

Servant Leadership: The Parable of Brother Leo
Another model of leadership, where leaders are preoccupied with serving rather than being followed, with giving rather than getting, with doing rather than demanding. Leadership based on example, not command. This is called servant leadership.

A Brain Scientist Explains Leadership
Neurobiology helps tell us why executives screw up--and what they do to avoid it... When people win, testosterone is released. Repeated wins trigger the dopamine system. This increases creativity and energy, but it also heightens risk-taking and novelty-seeking.

6 Managerial Styles You Need to Lead Effectively
Far too many managers are “one-trick-ponies.” Early in their careers they had success with one management style and now use it regardless of the situation. The result: They lack the skills necessary to handle the complexities of managing people.

3 Ways to Manage Clashing Leadership Styles
While managing the tension can be challenging, working with someone who has a different approach than you, can often yield innovation and creativity. Here are three ways to make the most of differing styles:

The Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills
If you desire to lead a passion-filled life wherein you are a positive influence to everyone, you will enjoy incorporating the following practices to assist you in consistently living your life as a conscious and strong leader.

Leadership: Taking Responsibility for Our Choices
It happens to all of us. We realize that things at work or in some aspect of our personal lives are not going the way we want them to go. Deftly we find other people or outside circumstances to blame for our dissatisfaction. Thus, we avoid taking responsibility for personal choices that perpetuate the problems we face.

Top Ten Daily Habits for Developing the Art of Leadership
Many people are born leaders, yet the ability to lead is actually an art and an amazing collection of skills which can be learned and sharpened. The following top ten daily habits will help you grow as a leader personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Some Comments on Leadership
The best way to determine for yourself what good leadership means for you is to wonder what you would answer at age 85 to the following questions: · What would I have liked to become? · What would I have liked to acquire? · What would I have liked to experience? · What would I have liked to be my contribution? (How would I like to be remembered?)

Leading L’s in Life
In order to be a great self-leader and an accepted leader for others, there are some priceless facts of life that you should continuously practice. Listed below are these 10 vital facts and the way they should be perceived.

5 Power Keys For Leadership Success!
Did you know that... you can successfully handle most leadership challenges with just 5 simple strategies? By focusing your attention on these critical areas you can empower your the opportunities hiding within your vision, new venture or project plans.

Simple Steps to Leading Better
Leadership is all about channelizing the skills and abilities of your subordinates towards the designated goal. A leader always encourages the team, keeps it focused on the main objective, nourishes individual talent, and gives due credit where it belongs.

Fifteen Inspiring Qualities of Leadership
If you want to be a 'great' leader of men, here are a few thoughts on the qualities needed. 

General Interest Articles - Continued

Bishop Mor Coorilos - Green Liberation Theologian
For me, it is inconceivable to separate the human and the divine in Christ. That is one of my problems with liberation theology, although I consider myself as a liberation theologian. One of the failures of Christian theology is the overemphasize of the human aspect of Christ at the expense of the divine. In my thinking, it should go together.

The Hands
They did not seem to be the hands of a single person but represented the working hands of countless such mothers throughout the world.

A Valuable Lesson in Life
This is what I am looking for to be in my manager. I want to recruit a person who can appreciate the help of others, a person who knows the sufferings of others to get things done, and a person who would not put money as his only goal in life.

Life's Balance Sheet
What is your greatest asset? What is your most beautiful attire? What is your most prized possession? What is your most powerful channel of communication? What is the most important thing in life? You need to know them before you can determine your life's balance sheet. Learn more.

A Mirror to the World
A Story to live by!

Poignant answers that makes the person who ask the question speechless.

Driving in Rain-Good to Know-Will Save Lives
How to achieve good vision while driving during a heavy downpour.

The religiosity of an Indian Syrian Christian when faced with atrocity
Indian Syrian Christians including my church the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox church in India is at a position of advantage and has not suffered the enduring hardship of Syrian Christians in the Middle East starting from Turkey and extending to other places and ending in a systematic and concerted effort at wiping out an entire community.

Thanksgiving Message from Barack Obama, 2010
Everything we have been able to accomplish in the last two years was possible because you have been willing to work for it and organize for it.

Making Every Day Thanksgiving
Like most people, I love the festive atmosphere of Thanksgiving. The spirit of this special day seems to put everyone in a good mood. But, like so many of our national holidays, I doubt that many people reflect on its purpose.

A Message of Giving Thanks and Goodwill
As we prepare to give thanks this holiday season, it’s critical that we don’t lose sight of the many American families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Evangelization and Syrian Orthodox Church
One of the main reasons for the low number of Christians in India is that we have played Brahmanism and compromised on or ignored the commission of Jesus - evangelization. We did that for convenience, for the safety and the prestige of a microscopic minority.

Corruption - Noitpurroc
Corruption is the root cause for underdevelopment, poverty, squalor, unemployment and all maladies of the world. This is not an exception even in the religious and spiritual world. The spiritual world should be the correcting catalyst agent for this time old cancerous malady, but it has become the fountain of corruption, from top to bottom.

God's Own Country
Kerala has now become almost a mint of monetary monsters and pent of political puppets. Deep de-forestation has brought about the draining of the once swollen rivers. The gutter roads are becoming ghastly death traps and drinking water pipe lines are just turned out to be cesspools.

A Touch of Lemon
Mr. Lemon explained that the only person responsible for my situation was me. And the only person with the potential to change my situation was me, and that when I personally accepted that responsibility I could make a significant change in my life.

Minutes of the Fall 2010 Meeting - Standing Conference of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in America
The Autumn 2010 meeting of the Standing Conference of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in America was held at St. Nersess Armenian Seminary in New Rochelle, New York on Thursday, October 7, 2010. Archbishop Yeghishé Gizirian opened the meeting with a prayer.

The Stranger
How our lives can be influenced dramatically by "strangers."

Church Festivals in Kerala
A panorama of church festivals await the visitor. Here is a sampling of few.

Adolescent Spirituality. By Fr. George Alberts

The Advent Period in Home Life. By Sophie Koulomzin

The Beauty and the Bus. By Fr. Anthony Scott

Thee Church and the Family. By Fr. Joseph J. Allen

Building the Domestic Church. By Presbytera Pearl Veronis

Families and Life. By Fr. Anthony Yazge

Family — An Orthodox Christian Perspective. By Archbishop Stylianos of Australia

The Family as the Extension of the Church. By Fr. George Aswad

Family as Unity — Our "Little Church". By Fr. Peter Gillquist

Family Communication: A Tool for Healthy Family Life. By V. Rev. Jason DelVitto

Honor Your Father and Your Mother. By Fr. Paul Tarazi

The Husband Is the Head of the Wife? By Metropolitan George (Khodr) of Mount Lebanon

A Meal of Unity. By Rev. Fr. Mark Beshara

My Responsibility as a Teenager to My Faith. By Edward Razook

The Prayer Life of Child and Parent. By Joan Allen

Rock 'n' Roll, Satanism, and Our Children. By Fr. Paul O'Callaghan

The Struggle for Family Life (Part 1, Part 2). By Archbishop Seraphim of Ottawa and Canada

Sunday's Child: Christmas and the Family. By Donna Bobin

Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go. By Fr. Andrew Moore

You Are Made for Hope: Encouragement for Family Today. By Fr. George Shalloub

Young People and Confession. By Fr. Milton Efthimiou

Youth and the Occult. By Jason Barker

Youth, Values and Inquiry. By Fr. J. Allen

Youth, Violence and Drugs. By V. Rev. Gregory Ofiesh



Do Not Commit Adultery

A Brief Introduction to Christianity

The Ten Commandments:

The First Commandment
The Second Commandment
The Third Commandment
The Fourth Commandment
The Fifth Commandment
The Sixth Commandment
The Seventh Commandment
The Eighth Commandment
The Ninth and Tenth Commandments



How did the universe come into existence?
How did God create man?



What Is The Only Cure For A Guilty Conscience?


What happens to a person when he dies? (A Brief Discussion)
What happens to a person when he dies? (An Expanded Discussion)
Eternal death

Spiritual death
Temporal death
What death is
Cause of death
Fear of death
Different kinds of death
Life after death
Near-death, out-of-body experiences
Sudden, unexpected, accidental, or tragic death
The nature of death
Is death annihilation?
Death is a blessing
The Time Of Death, (A Bible Study)

Fear Not Death, O My Soul

Die Blamelessly
Don't Fear the Unknown
You Will Not Be Alone When You Die
Combat Fear with Grace and Truth
Behold the Blessings of Death
Hope in the Resurrection of Your Body
Be Faithful unto Death for the Crown of Life
Face Death with Prayer


How did demons originate?
The characteristics of demons
Demonic possession

The dwelling place of demons
The Devil's Defeat


Mary's Grief and Despair Turned to Joy
Making Bricks Without Straw


Is macro evolution a scientific fact?
Micro evolution
Evolution provides no hope


The fall into sin
The effects of the fall into sin

Actual sin
Inherited, original, natural sin
Sin, a sermon on sin


When will Our Christian Families Fare Well?
Our Family's Lord is the Triune God

May women serve as pastors?


Is Divorce Lawful?
What is the Truth about Divorce?



Insufficient knowledge about God within nature leads to idolatry
The first commandment forbids idolatry
Open idolatry

Secret idolatry


What happens to a person when he dies?
What will happen on the last day when Jesus returns?

Jesus Is Coming To Separate The Sheep And The Goats
Judgment Day
The Final Judgment
Stay Alert!


Ceremonial Law
Civil Law
Moral Law

When was the written moral law given?
In what ways has God given his moral law?

What is the purpose of the moral law?
How was the moral law summarized?

Man and Woman

Discovering The Roles Of Man And Woman -- Study Of The Pertinent Sections Of The Old Testament
Discovering The Roles Of Man And Woman -- Study Of The Pertinent Sections Of The New Testament


How did the institution of marriage come into being?
What does God teach us about marriage?
What does God teach us about the roles and responsibilities of husbands and wives?

Preparing & Planning Your Marriage
Advantages Of A Christ-Centered Marriage
Plan for Your Marriage in the Lord
The Goals of This Premarital Counseling Material
Planning Your Church Wedding
God's Design for Your Marriage
Family Background Questionnaire
The First & Second Chief Marital Problems
Dealing with Disagreements & Curbing Conflicts
Resolving Anger & Resentment
The Types of Love Needed in Your Marriage
Preserving & Promoting Love in Your Marriage
Growing in Knowledge about Sexual Love in Marriage
Keeping Your Marriage like a Sweet Honeymoon

Ministry of the keys

What is the truth about the ministry of the keys?
What is the ministry of the keys?
To whom has Christ given the keys of the kingdom of heaven?
Through whom does the church minister the keys publicly?
In administering the keys whose sins should be forgiven and whose sins should not be forgiven?


The beginning of the persecution of the Christian Church
The persecution of Christians is a sign pointing to Christ's return


What is the truth about prayer?

Definition of prayer
Why do we pray?
How are we to pray?
What can we pray for?
For whom should we pray?
Should we pray for the dead?
When do we pray unconditionally and conditionally?
How often should we pray?
Does God answer all our prayers?
Whose prayers are not answered?
Where can we pray?
What does Jesus teach us with the address: Our Father in heaven?
What does Jesus teach us in the first petition: Hallowed by your name?
What does Jesus teach us in the second petition: Your kingdom come?
What does Jesus teach us in the third petition: Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven?
What does Jesus teach us in the fourth petition: Give us today our daily bread?
What does Jesus teach us in the fifth petition: Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors?
What does Jesus teach us in the sixth petition: And lead us not into temptation?
What does Jesus teach us in the seventh petition: But deliver us from evil?
What does Jesus teach us in the doxology: For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen?

The Lord's Prayer: (series of sermons)

The Address
The First Petition
The Second Petition
The Third Petition
The Fourth Petition
The Fifth Petition
The Sixth Petition
The Seventh Petition
The Doxology

Face Death with Prayer


Do I Work or Do I Trust in the Lord to Provide?
Making Bricks Without Straw





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