Growing In Knowledge About Sexual Love In Marriage

Read pages 137-139 and chapter 10 of Deepening Love--For Marital Happiness and answer the following questions.


God showed his love for us in instituting marriage and blessing it. He blessed it also with sexual love and happiness, through which he re-populates the earth and blesses married couples with children. To preserve for us his blessing of sexual love and happiness in our marriage, he has given us instructions to guide us. In this discussion we will discuss the Lord's instructions and problems couples cause or experience.

Do either of you have feelings of guilt or shame about giving yourself to your partner after marriage? If so, what is the cause of those feelings? What did you learn in pages 157 & 158 that can dispel those feelings?

Sexual abuse during childhood or rape can cause serious emotional problems for the woman who has been victimized. The victim will carry fears into her life, fears which make sexual love painful or impossible for her. If you are the bride and you are struggling with fears and a strong aversion to sexual love with your groom after marriage, do not be afraid to admit your fears and the emotional pains the thought of sexual love is causing you. You need help with counseling for victims of abuse. Let your groom and your pastor help you find a competent counselor who works with abuse victims.

Who is responsible for sexual love in marriage as a pleasure to be experienced and enjoyed? See pages 137-139 and 158-159.

Sexual love is a marital duty. See pages 159 & 160.

In what ways does God intend you to be able to enjoy your sexual love together? See pages 160 & 161.

Who is obligated to give sexual pleasure to whom? See page 161.

What will the spiritual meaningfulness of your sexual love be to you? Refer to page 163.

Through your sexual love what will you be expressing to one another? Refer to page 162.

If the wife is left sexually unfulfilled, what effect will this have on your sexual lovemaking? See pages 165 & 166.

How will your individual selfishness ruin your sexual love? See page 167.

A lack of knowledge causes problems to the sexual love in marriage. Have you purchased a book on the subject written by a competent physician or counselor? "Intended for Pleasure" by Dr. Ed Wheat is one of the best on the market.

How will other areas of your marriage affect your sexual love? See page 169.

Evaluate sexual fantasizing during your sexual lovemaking. See page 171.

Have you entertained yourselves with sexually explicit materials, such as movies, video tapes, magazines?