Marital Communication

Read chapter 5 of Deepening Love--For Marital Happiness and answer the following questions.


To have effective communication between you, you must be in tune with what? See page 74.

What is the most important type of communication for building your relationship? See page 74,75.

Are each of you able to talk about your personal thoughts, feelings, problems, and faith?

Is one of you a quiet person who does not say much? To promote such discussions what can you attempt to foster between you throughout your marriage?

What will happen to your relationship if you do not have intimate conversations regularly?

What will develop between you when you have different or erring perceptions?

What can you do to eliminate and clear up misunderstandings? See page 83.

Your partner comes to talk to you. What will you do to be a good listener? See pages 87,88.

You want to talk to your partner about a matter which is bothering you. What will you do to be a good speaker? See pages 88-91.

Read and then discuss the following:

Debra is displeased that her husband, Roy, does not permit her to help plan their budget. She does not talk to him about this, however, and is waiting for the day he will involve her in the planning. Evaluate what this is doing to their relationship and what is likely to happen.

When Barbara has a disagreement with her husband, she refuses to talk to him for two days afterward. Evaluate her behavior and how it will affect their relationship.

When Anne tries to talk to Bob about his faults, he either ignores her or argues with her. He complains he is tired of her snapping at him and picking on him. What do you think their problem(s) is (are)?

Ed walks in the door after work and is about to kiss Ann hello. She gives him a peck on the cheek and asks why she cannot trade in her car for a new one. What do you think about this? What does 1 Corinthians 13:4 say about this?

Tony and Sue have tried several times to discuss their less than satisfactory sexual relationship. He thinks she is disinterested and unresponsive; she thinks he is not concerned enough about her needs and feels unfulfilled. Each attempt to discuss this problem has left them both frustrated and angry. What is wrong with their communicating? What aspects of Christian love mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13:4,5 could be applied to their communicating to solve their problem?

Tom's and Sally's budget is out of control. Tom begins their discussion by saying to Sally, "You are spending too much money. That's the problem." Sally responds, "Well, you don't have to keep buying all that model railroad equipment either." How do you think their discussion will end? How should they discuss it, and what aspect of Christian love in 1 Corinthians 13:4 would enable them to discuss their spending faults in such a manner?

Arnie is rude and swears. Amy interrupts and jumps to conclusions. Problems are mounting in their marriage. They want to save their marriage but their attempts to resolve their disagreements always end in fierce arguments. What is wrong and preventing them from communicating? What aspects of Christian love in 1 Corinthians 13:4,5 applied to their communication would prevent their arguments?

Every time Karen and Phil try to discuss their marital problems they become angry and their communication comes to a halt. What do they need to learn to handle?

Love keeps no record of wrongs.

How will this affect your communication when trying to resolve your marital problems?

Are you ever justified in not telling your partner the whole truth?