Plan For Your Marriage In The Lord


Have your marriage sanctified by the Word of God and prayer in his church.

Grow spiritually in your Lord and faith through hearing his Word preached and taught regularly in church, through Bible reading and devotions, and through regular attendance at the Lord's table if you are a communicant member.

Begin to build your marital relationship and family in Christ by making him and his Word the top priority in your life together.

Live in the fear of the Lord. Psalm 128:1 says: “Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, Who walks in his ways.” Let this be your guide to his blessings on your marriage.

Take your premarital counseling seriously; learn all you can from it by conscientiously carrying out all of its assignments

Plan the details for your wedding day and new life together carefully. Communicate and work out those plans together, as you must do throughout your marriage.

Allow sufficient time to comply with the state's regulations for marriage and have your marriage license ready for the pastor.

Pray for your Lord's blessings on your marriage and wedding plans.