Preserving & Promoting Love In Your Marriage

Read chapter 9 of Deepening Love--For Marital Happiness and answer the following questions.


Psalm 118:1 states: "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his love endures forever."

In response to the Lord's unfailing, everlasting love for us, we will honor him by preserving our marriage and following his will for our marriage, which includes preserving and promoting our mutual love and affections.

See pages 144-146.

Fifty-six percent of all marriages end in failure with the couples saying they do not love one another anymore. Those couples married with the same human loves you now share.

To preserve the love in your relationship:

If you do not spend enjoyable time together during your marriage, what effect will this have on your love for one another?

Flirting comments and digs about the attractiveness and desirability of someone else of the opposite sex will have what effect on your partner and on your love for one another? In your marriage vows you promise to forsake all others for your partner. Compare this promise to such comments and digs.