The First And Second Chief Marital Problems

Read chapter 4 of Deepening Love--For Marital Happiness and answer the following questions.


Read Psalm 51:5 and Romans 7:17-24 in your Bible.

What must each of us confess about ourselves and what we deserve because of what we are?

Read Isaiah 53:4-6 in your Bible.

What has God done with the sin which infects and condemns us?

Look closely at Isaiah 53:5 in your Bible.

Because Christ Jesus was punished for our sin, what has he established for us with God?

Read Romans 6:11-13 and Ephesians 4:20-24.

Having God's peace and forgiveness through the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus, what are we encouraged to do about our sin which arises from our sinful nature?

Read Romans 7:18-21.

Struggle as we might by the power of God, will we in this life ever completely rid ourselves of our sinful nature which leads us to commit sins against God and one another?

Thus what is the first chief marital problem you will have to contend with in your marriage?  See page 64.

What will it cause you to do against one another?

What is the sinful nature responsible for in marriages? See page 64.

How does the Lord instruct you to deal with your sinful natures? See page 67.

What must be strengthened in you for your struggle against your sinful natures? What will strengthen it? See page 67, 68.

What can you do for the strengthening of your spiritual nature to combat your sinful natures and their evil deeds? See page 68.

What is the second chief marital problem you must struggle against? See page 69.

How will your self-interest affect you and your marriage?

Through repentance your self-interest should be replaced with what? See page 71.

Read Philippians 2:3,4 in your Bible. By nature you both will be interested in what you  can get from your marriage for yourself. But to follow your Lord's will for your marriage, what should your interest be?

For whom will you work to make your marriage the best it can be?