Advantages Of A Christ-Centered Marriage

Husband and wife share eternal salvation in Christ together.

Husband and wife are one in spirit, sharing the same Lord, faith, and Word.

By the grace of God in Christ the fruits of the Spirit will fill the husband's and wife's heart and make their marriage a blessed relationship governed by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

By the Word of Christ both the husband and wife will be guided to fulfill their marital role and duties for each other. Their marriage will then be patterned after the perfect marital relationship God designed.

With the love of Christ ruling the husband's and wife's heart each will love the other according to God's commandments. This loving behavior toward one another will keep their sins against one another to a minimum and preserve their mutually pleasant marital relationship.

When both the husband and wife are committed to following Christ and his Word, both will be committed to preserving their marriage, to making it the best it can be for one another, to working through whatever marital problems might arise between them, to forgiving one another's sins, and to being reconciled as dear friends.

Being one in spirit in Christ and his Word, the husband and wife will agree on how to raise and train their children in the Lord and in the atmosphere of a Christian home.

Upon the death of either spouse, the survivor has the comfort of knowing his or her loved one is with the Lord in heaven.