Books of H.G. Metropolitan Bishoy

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Comparative theology

Contemplations on the book of Jonah the prophet

Contemplations on the resurrection

Contemplations on the sermon on the mount

Diabolic wars


Divine Liturgy Of Saint Gregory The Theologian

Divinity of christ

Do Not Rebuke me in Your Anger

Experience in life

Feast of the epiphany

Holy Virgin Mary

Holy zeal

Homosexuality, Ordination Of Women

How to relate to children

Life of faith

Life Of Repentantance & Purity

Lord how contemplations on psalm 3

Many Years With Peoples Questions Part 1 Biblical Questions

Many Years With Peoples Questions Part 2

Many Years With Peoples Questions Part 3 Spiritual And General Problems

Many Years With Peoples Questions Part 4 Spiritual And General Problems

May the Lord Answer you

Quizzes on the holy bible

Return to god

Saint Mark The Evangelist

St. Peter & St. Paul

St Mark

Tears in spiritual life

Ten commandments v1

Ten commandments v2

Ten commandments v3

Ten commandments v4

The angels

The concepts

The divinity of christ

The feast of the annunciation

The Feast Of The Cross

The heresy of Jehovahs witnesses

The life of thanksgiving

The nature of Christ

The Priesthood

The Release of the Spirit

The Seven Words of our Lord on the Cross

The Spirituality of Fasting

The Spiritual Man

The Spiritual Means

The Spiritual Ministy

The transfiguration

The two saints peter and paul

Thine is the power and the glory

Words Of Spiritual Benefit 1

Words Of Spiritual Benefit 2

Words Of Spiritual Benefit 3

Words Of Spiritual Benefit 4

Articles of Pope Shenouda

v A Covenant between God and Man

v A way that seems right is a hindrance to virtue

v A way that seems right is a hindrance to virtue.

v Against Homosexuality and its Ordinations

v All His benefits

v All things work together for good to those who love God

v Always remember

v Always Remember

v Apostles Types

v Atheism and science

v Baptism

v Be Holy

v Benefits and importance of fasting

v Beware of false humility

v Blessed are the meek

v Blessing and Affliction

v Care for Your Eternity

v Characters of the holy bible

v Christ the Teacher

v Christian unity

v Christ's Perfection

v Come to Me, all you who labor

v Commentary on the gospel of our lord according to st. John

v Communal worship and fasting

v Confession

v Contemplation

v Contemplations on the life of nehemiah

v Continuance

v Dealing with the Weak

v Do Not Despair

v Do not fear satan

v Do Not Postpone

v Do Not Resist Evil

v Do not worry about tomorrow

v Emmanuel god with us

v Enemies hidden and manifest

v Enjoying What is Not Seen

v Envy of the Devil

v Facing the east

v Fast and its spirituality

v Fasting

v Fasting and Repentance

v Firmness

v Forget What is Behind

v Forgiveness

v Giving

v Giving account of oneself

v God in Your Prayers

v God is Present

v God is the Initiator

v Godís Characteristics

v Godís dealing with sinners

v Godís Gentleness and His Mercies

v Godís Working Grace

v God's Children Are Strong

v God's Children are Strong

v God's humility

v God's Promises

v Grant us to complete this holy day

v Growth in ministry

v Guide our life toward your commandments

v Hadn't the Resurrection taken place

v He loved them to the end

v He Opened Their Understanding

v He who has ears to hear, let him hear

v He who wins souls is wise

v Heaven and Heavenly Beings

v Holy communion

v Holy days and holy times

v Holy Days and Times

v Holy Mighty God Almighty

v Homosexuality And The Church

v Hope

v How long, O Lord Will You forget me

v How to benefit spiritually from pascha week

v How to comfort others

v How to deal with people

v How to Give Comfort to Others

v How To Relate To Children

v Humility among the virtues

v I am the way

v I am with you always

v I want.....

v In the Beginning

v In the garden of gethsemane

v In the miracles of the resurrection

v Incense

v Iniquity of the Fathers on the Sons

v Intercession

v It is finished

v Jacob the patriarch

v John the Baptist

v John the Baptist part 2

v Jonah when all things work together for good

v Kinds of Lusts

v Know yourself

v Lay up for yourselves Treasures in Heaven

v Learning from god

v Lectures on ministry

v Lights and candles

v Love of the way which leads to god

v Make ready a people prepared for the Lord

v Meditation on light and darkness

v Memorizing

v Monasticism

v Monasticism in egypt

v Motion

v My father has been working until now

v No one can serve two masters

v Not by the letter, but by the spirit

v On intercessions

v Our lives a series of Trials

v Our lord is present

v Our Saints, The Reverend Apostles

v Out of Poverty

v Perfection and Feasibility

v Peter and Paul

v Pictures and icons

v Practising Ceaseless Prayers

v Praising and Glorifying

v Prayer

v Questions about Nativity

v Raising the morale of everyone

v Reading the lives of the saints

v Reasons behind leaving the first love

v Renewal

v Repentance

v Repentance

v Revering the elderly, awe and respect for the holies

v Sacrifice

v Seek Faith

v Some of Godís Characteristics

v Speaking in tongues

v Spiritual exercises while fasting

v Spiritual Levels

v Spiritual training

v Spiritual weakness

v Step by step gradual spiritual growth

v Straighten for us the way of godliness

v Surround us, O Lord By Your Holy Angels

v Teaching is the task of the clergy

v Thanksgiving

v The Blessing

v The body

v The concept of ambition

v The concept of freedom

v The concept of knowledge

v The concept of love & friendship

v The concept of meekness

v The concept of offense

v The concept of power

v The concept of rest & fatigue

v The concept of sin

v The concept of truth & justice

v The Contrite Prayer

v The Earthly Angels

v The ego, the greatest hindrance for virtue

v The false and rejected fast

v The Feast of Pentecost

v The Feasts of the Cross

v The fiftieth day and the fire Symbols

v The Foundation and the Building

v The great star and the magi

v The Heresy of Deifying the Human

v The holy bible

v The holy spirit in the church of the apostles

v The Holy Spirit in the Church of the Apostles

v The Holy Spirit with the Disciples

v The idealism and spirituality of the agpeya

v The Joy of the Resurrection

v The life of discipleship

v The Lord shall preserve you

v The lordís humbleness in his incarnation

v The Matters Connected with the Kingdom of God

v The Mind

v The minister amidst his family

v The ministry importance, fields & effectiveness

v The most serious sin in one's life

v The narrow gate

v The Nature Of Christ

v The people were astonished at his teaching

v The Power of Resurrection

v The Prayer of Absolution

v The resurrection & related incidents

v The sacrament of baptism

v The sanctuary and the altar

v The service

v The Significance ot the Resurrection

v The sinful women in the genealogy sequence

v The son's humility

v The spirit of serving

v The spiritual meaning of the cross

v The Spiritually Dead

v The story of the Samaritan

v The veneration of st. Mary the virgin

v The virginís feasts

v The Virtue of Humility

v The Virtue of Self Control

v The wise man & the foolish man

v The wise man builds his house on the rock

v The wretched

v Thine is the power

v This is My beloved Son

v Time in the Service

v Tradition

v Two saints, peter and paul

v Unshrunk cloth on an old garment

v Veneration of the cross

v View Of Optimism

v What is love

v What profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul

v Wheat and Tares

v Wheat and tares (good and evil)

v Who are the anchorites

v Who is the holy spirit

v Worthiness

v Wrong self-love is a hindrance to virtue

v You Yourself Be Good News

v Your Relationship with the Holy Bible

v Yourself and the offences

v Yourself and the praise of people