Preparing & Planning For Marriage


To use all of the following materials, you will need the book, Deepening Love--For Marital Happiness.  This book is may be purchased through Northwestern Publishing House Catalog Stock#OL 12-1755. Select the search button on the Northwestern Publishing House Catalog main page. Type Deepening Love in the search window. Then select the search button, which will bring up the Deepening Love--For Marital Happiness catalog item. Add Deepening Love--For Marital Happiness to your shopping cart and follow the directions to order it.

Advantages Of A Christ-Centered Marriage

Plan for Your Marriage in the Lord

The Goals of This Premarital Counseling Material

Planning Your Church Wedding

God's Design for Your Marriage

Family Background Questionnaire

The First & Second Chief Marital Problems


Dealing with Disagreements & Curbing Conflicts

Resolving Anger & Resentment

The Types of Love Needed in Your Marriage

Preserving & Promoting Love in Your Marriage

Growing in Knowledge about Sexual Love in Marriage

Keeping Your Marriage like a Sweet Honeymoon



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