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Advice to Straighten the Deeds in Virtue

By Archdeacon Habib Guirgus

Do not allow a day to pass without you benefiting or advising others spiritually or exercising godliness.


Do not put aside your daily prayers, or reading your Bible or other virtuous books.

Do not be late in attending church for the Divine Liturgy.  Stand in church with awe as you are in the presence of the Lord.

Do not attend church out of habit but as one who is in need.  Concentrate in prayers to achieve perfection, and do it diligently as if it is the last act you are performing in your life. You do not know what tomorrow brings, therefore when the sun raises act as if it's the last day of your life, for time is not on your side or in your power.

Be honest in what you do, as if you're doing it for God and His glory.  Do not fall or commit any blemish, but be alert in everything.

Be aware of little things, as you are aware of big faults.  Put every effort to uproot every vile earthly act from your soul, as when you are able to fight your enemy when he is weak and small, or else how can you conquer him when he becomes like a fierce lion?

Control your senses, and thoughts, and train it to do virtuous acts.  Lift your soul above the vile and trivial acts.  Prefer death over acting sinfully against God.  Let your heart be pure and your conscience clear, to guide your works and acts.

Be companion with the virtuous and revered, make friends with the godliness and perfect ones.

Contemplate in yourself to acquire the benefit of every virtue you love strongly, and enjoy it deeply.

Do not allow your mind to wander in evil things, but reject it immediately by a holy meditation or contemplation, and make Jesus and His life before your eyes.  Subdue the evil lusts and desires of the body, and be in charge of it.

Occupy your time with good works, stay away from all the attractions, which will entice your senses and emotions that are asleep in you.

Search for things that prevent you from the path of virtue, and quickly abort it.
Search your conscience every day, and train yourself to differentiate the acts and reveal the causes and results, to let your heart be filled with joy when you do well unto others.

Hate sin and its vice, and exert effort to uproot it from others. Be zealous for virtue so your heart will be filled with joy and gladness by spreading virtue and feeding its branches.

Subdue yourself to the truth of faith, and respect it in your heart.
Open your heart to accept its beautiful and wonderful commandments.
Preach it for others as the only means to comfort people in this life and the thereafter-the eternal one.


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