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 “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible”

Hebrews 11:3

“And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist”

Colossians 1:17

Father Matta El-Meskeen (Matthew the Poor)



THIS IS A REFUTATION of Darwin’s theory of evolution that says man evolved from an ape, and the elephant from an amoeba. It is disproved information, unaccepted mentally or historically although we might allow for a slight development in some creatures while they maintained their form.

Our concern with these facts of the gospel is that the Word of God perfected and consolidated both the earthly and the heavenly1 worlds which remain and are kept till this day through the Word of God who created them and secured them.

Our interest here is in the word ‘perfected’. Concerning the earthly world the Word created the creatures with perfection. This perfection in the theological meaning includes the minutest details that separate one kind from another and also individuals, giving as well to every kind and to individuals characteristics, forms and colors, something that is immeasurable, innumerable.

Through precise study and analysis using modern instruments creation proved a kind of creativity that is impossible for man to keep up with or even to grasp. Individuals of one kind are of different types, colors, bodies and weights, a matter that astounds man as he stands avowing the greatness of the Divine Word creating this wonderful creation.

This is as far as concerns the earthly world. As for the heavenly world all creations in it are miracles that are impossible to fathom with the mind. The world above abounds with thousands of thousands of angels, and heavenly hosts, every individual among them with unimaginable specifications. But what we got to know from the Bible is that some of them are assigned to serve those who are ready for the inheritance of heaven.2 The believer who lives in fellowship with Christ is helped by heavenly hosts for which it is difficult to talk about or even get to know. It suffices that we know there exist fantastic relations and aid coming from the other world to those who have accepted faith in Christ and acknowledged Him as Lord and God.

The Bible says that the things that were created in the world and have become visible were not created from the visible, meaning that all creatures were created out of nothing (nihility). This is the miracle of creation. All creation had no known origin out of which it was created. Christ who created everything did not create something out of something but the word was “Let there be” and there was. The world was in complete darkness and God said: “Let there be light”3, and the sun, moon, planets and stars were created, each according to its order and rank. This creation we see now mystified thousands of scientists of all generations. They strived, fought and ventured throughout the years spending terrific sums to know how the world was created with its dimensions and characteristics, but all have failed.


All of which was for the Bible words to be fulfilled that “everything seen was not created from that which was visible,”4 but the word of creation was “Let there be” and there was. The world was imaged in God’s mind since the beginning, not only our world but also we who believe in Christ were previously created by God, in His anterior knowledge, according to His image since the beginning. He gave us fellowship with Christ and chose us in Him, offering us adoption5, i.e. to be called the sons of God in a wonderful image, considering us as members of His household6 before we existed or were born.

God’s creation was founded on God’s pleasure to become His sons, and on His love for us with a love that surpasses our mind. What was revealed in the offering He planned since the beginning of ages to free us from this world and raise us to Him removing all shadow of sin, is for us to be without blame in front of Him in love7, and thus stand before Him in praise and worship.

The world creation that has mystified the learned is the work of God’s pleasure and extreme love for us.

28 June, 2005

1 Ps 33:6.

2 Heb 1:14.

3 Gen 1:3.

4 Heb 11:3.

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7 Eph 1:4.


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