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†ďI will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts;

and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.Ē

Hebrews 8:10

Father Matta El-Meskeen (Matthew the Poor)


NOWADAYS if a person wants to be educated and clever in this world he has to go to primary school, secondary school and to university to be able to be cultured. He spends at least ten years, or the best years of youth, and may graduate without the ability to display his knowledge. While he who has believed in Christ can be filled at all at once at any age, over a short period, maybe within a year or less, with the knowledge of God and Christ: ďin whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.Ē1 He thus suddenly emerges a complete person according to the full stature of Christ in knowledge, wisdom and understanding without using another book other than the Bible, and everyone is consequently astonished because he has not learned it off anyone. When he stands up to give a sermon, words of wisdom and knowledge come out of his mouth without measure. This is the definite promise of God to him who goes to Him, whether seated or standing before Him, receiving the flow of wisdom and knowledge in a mystery without knowing nor any one else knowing where they came from.

The Bible mentions that God puts His law into their minds through the Holy Spirit as if He were writing in their hearts the science of the knowledge of God and everything related to eternal life effortlessly in a mystery of wisdom. Learning from God flows onto a person as rain onto arid land, so that man drinks of Godís grace, pouring forth to others light, wisdom and knowledge. Words come out of his mouth as if he is reading a book although he may have his eyes shut, and fervently as if his heart has become a water wheel, because Christ owns the heart. It becomes as a fountain of wisdom, knowledge and understanding which astonishes those who do not know the truth of the matter.

The Bible says that Christ becomes their God and they become His special beloved people. This relation is a mysterious and divine relation. It is the reason for the wisdom, and knowledge that flow out of Godís children without measure.

It is known that Christ did not become to us merely God but owned us in the same way a mother owns her fetus. Christ Himself expressed it by He being in us and we in Him2. This is the fellowship of new life to those who believe in Christ as or due to them being a new creation appointed to live with God since the beginning. Christ fulfilled it for us at the end of times through His death for us and His resurrection in us. He thus owned us to Himself and we owned Him to ourselves. ďIt is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.Ē 3 As a result we became a new race in God.

This absorption in Christ makes us no more return to living for ourselves, as Christ is He who makes us live and lives in us. This is the basis for our minds to accept Christís presence filling up our hearts with all that is His. Man consequently begins to speak on behalf of Christ as if his mind had become a mouth to Christ, his heart pulsating with Christís ideas, becoming an instrument in Godís hand.

These are nowadays undisputed facts because they fill the earth with Christís witnesses on whom grace overflowed their minds, and Christ owned their hearts. They thus became a living gospel open and read to the world that is bedazzled in sin as if not seeing nor hearing.

Judgment thus falls on the heads of those oblivious to their salvation, walking in this ageís way of darkness, not seeing nor hearing the voice of salvation that has filled the world till the tips of the earth.

The fact that God set His laws in the minds of His chosen is the greatest grace God has given His children, because Godís laws are not of this world and are foreign to ordinary manís mind. That God would pour His wisdom and grace freely without teaching or teacher is an amazing matter, because people of our kind are not qualified for Godís wisdom. For we are surely of dust and our minds are dust, our capability consequently coming from God, a matter that surpasses the ability of angels and of the heads of angels. The knowledge of God and the wisdom of God are the greatest gifts God gave our kind freely and without any effort on our part. If we know this and make sure of it ourselves and within ourselves, then our lives will be joined to the highest heavenly beings where our sole work is to praise Godís grace.

29 June, 2005


1 Col 2:3.

2 John 14:20.

3 Gal 2:20.


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