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Seven Proofs Of The Existence Of God 


We live at present in one of the most vital periods of history. The question: ‘Does God exist?’ has now become urgent and basic.  Some scientists and geologists say: ‘No’, while some churchgoing Christians say: ‘Yes.’  It is now time to remove all doubts. 


Sr John Huxley said one day; "There is now no place for the influence of the supernatural on the development of human thought.  The earth was not  created,  but  grew and developed.  The same is true of animals and plants and we, with our spirits, our minds, and our souls, evolved thus, body and mind. 

  • Is it true that "there is no longer any need for a belief in the existence of God?"

  • Is the Holy Bible nothing more than a collection of Hebrew fables and myths?

  • Or is it the living creative word of a creative, wise, omnipotent God?


Your personal life and that of your loved ones, as well as the future of this universe, depend on this subject.


1.  We can only study a subject with the appropriate means.  A thought needs a mind to assimilate it, and matter needs senses to examine it. 


But our great God is an Immortal Spirit that we can only apprehend with the spirit.  We need an open heart for spiritual experience, and a humble spirit that thirsts for truth and sanctity to apprehend God. 


Is it reasonable to study geography using the premises of chemistry?  And does it make sense to study mathematics with a microscope, and microbes via the science of mechanics?  We are greatly mistaken if we imagine that it is possible to apprehend theology with the mind or the senses. 


God is not a concept that the mind should assimilate it, nor matter that the senses should perceive it.  He is a spirit that can only be comprehended by the spirit.


2.  Although there is not the least contradiction between mind and faith, we all know St. Augustine’s famous statement:  "I believe, but do not understand", or St. Paul’s saying: "With faith, we understand ..."


All there is to it is that faith is the venue that the eye of the mind uses to understand what surpasses its scope.  It is the telescope that brings near the eye what it cannot see even though it exists.


Faith is not the inhibition of the mind, nor an accusation against it.  The mind that is enlightened with the Holy Spirit rests completely in the truths of  faith  just  as  the  finite eye rests in the truths of the science of bacteriology after it uses and verifies these truths with the microscope.


The First Proof:
Is it worthy of the Christian to fear or oppose scientific books? Is there not an agreement between science and the Holy Bible?  Have the new scientific discoveries  succeeded in depriving the Christian individual of his ability to combine faith and this enlightened age of science?


This is the first proof of the existence  of  God,  and  it is a broad, inclusive and profound proof which is difficult to probe in a short article such as this. But it is sufficient to quote a statement in one of the scientific books that attacked the Holy Bible.  After the author had presented numerous explanations for the evolution of the earth, he says: "Our galaxy is an insignificant part of this universe which was probably in existence millions and millions of years ago.  Some advance has been made in the attempt to describe how and when the sun and the nine planets developed."


"The study of the solar system gives us at least a clue about the development of this part of this universe that we live on, which is the earth.  The generally accepted explanation at present is that view which assumes that our solar system was born of the sun as a result of the proximity of a huge star which removed from the sun, through the effect of the law of gravity, huge masses of burning gasses.  These gradually cooled and coalesced to become planets which continue to revolve around the sun perpetually.  Thus the earth achieved its present state extremely slowly."


Let us analyze together what we have just read.  Notice what is in bold letters, " maybe, some advance, an attempt to explain, at least a clue, the generally accepted explanation, the theory, which supposes" ... What a strange collection of words.


Therefore, these are only "attempts" to explain "some advances" that give us "at least a clue" which makes us "assume" "a theory"... In short, "we are simply guessing!"  Next, the scientific reference continues discussing in decisive terms "the events of a distant past" !!

Let us continue our analysis in order to reach the depth of this first proof of the existence of God.  At the beginning of this talk about attempts, clues, and assumptions, the scientists presuppose the existence of "our solar system", that of "another huge star", " the force of gravity", and "masses of burning gasses".  They say that these "began to cool" then coalesced and continued revolving around the sun under the effect of its force of gravity.


What a beautiful picture of the universe!  The solar system a huge star,   definite  laws  that  do not change, all these are clear indications of a vast rational power!


Think with me; these millions of laws of heat, light, energy, motion, orbits, and gravity which require that every body should take an almost spherical shape and that it remain like that, and millions of other laws ... what is the meaning of all that?


Let us examine the subject closely.  Is the issue simply understanding our solar system?  Of course not!  For the scientists say that our solar system is simply one of many such systems in the Milky Way, or the galaxy in which we live. And this is one of millions of other galaxies which in turn are only a small part of this vast universe.


Do you begin to see according to which law a star can come close to another, and according to which law the hot masses cool down?  Which law is responsible for the birth of stars?  Which law governs the force of gravity?


A calm contemplation of scientific theories shows us that they tell of a universe "which is connected and governed by laws."

Therefore, the existence of a law that is stable, unchangeable, and invisible but effective requires the existence of someone who put this law; "There is only one Lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy." (Jas. 4: 12). This Lawgiver is God.


The Second Proof:
Before we talk about this important proof, we have to understand first what the word "evolution" means.  This word is applied to many operations.  Musical development from  simple to complex is, in one way, a type of evolution.  This term is also applied to all the technological inventions which have led many to imagine that evolution can happen to living organisms.


"Evolution is a gradual growth from simple, disorganized, primitive matter to a complex natural being.  By the same token, it is a gradual branching out from the beginning of organic life on our planet, which is teeming with numerous living beings in both the animal and plant kingdoms."


Notice that evolution presumes a living organic beginning.... prior life!


This scientist does not talk about how life began!


The theory of  evolution (theory = we think) states that all the form of life we see now, including man, and all the many different kinds of plants and animals, evolved gradually from extremely primitive forms to complex forms, with all of them being  as interdependent as they are today.  Each of them has its peculiar life-cycle and its method of reproduction.

The theory of evolution thus states that life evolved "gradually" by means of "an inherent force" until it attained its present complex form.


Let us probe this matter in carefully.  Evolutionary scientists, geneticists, biologists, and scientists in various other fields were unable to furnish one proof that life can develop out of something that is not alive.


It is true that in some scientific experiments, they were able to revive cells they thought had died by    means    of    certain     chemical compounds.  However, this is entirely different from "spontaneous or self-reproduction".  There is a line of demarcation and a huge gap between life and death, between existence and non-existence.  Evolutionary scientists are currently making great efforts in formulating assumptions, speculations, and obscure theories to explain how life began!


On the other hand, there is a clear and definitive scientific law that provides us with an important proof of the existence of God, the Life-giver!  It is the law of the development of life that simply states that life can only develop out of life, and what is not alive cannot produce what is alive.


Maybe the scientists do not have a clear, reliable, and decisive law like this one.  The existence of life requires the existence of a Life-giver!


That is why Scriptures say: "And the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being" (Gen. 2: 7)


Our omnipotent and living God, who of necessity exists, Who is before everything, has granted life to man first, and then granted to all living beings the capacity to multiply according to certain laws.     God is the great Life-giver. 


The Third Proof: 
Many of the proofs of the existence of God are interdependent and interrelated.  We can infer these new proofs from the first proof. 


The geologists, at the inception of their theories, relied on an ordered universe and an existing matter, just as the theory of evolution relies on the simple laws and matter of life.  So what is this matter? 


Matter occupies space and has weight.  We do not necessarily have to see it because some gases, and even the air we breath, are all "matter". Scientists, until recently used to talk of the "law of the indestructibility of matter."  However, the discovery of the nuclear nature of matter and Madame Curie’s experiments with radium have proved the possibility of the decomposition and the division of matter.  This change in matter is a scientific fact; uranium (238) decomposes gradually into lead (206) passing through different intermediary  phases.  Thus, after  many  long  years,   radioactive uranium is converted into lead, giving off energy during this process.  We do not see any new uranium coming into existence. 


Science today proves that this earth is on its way to disappearing.  Therefore, as high as the mountains are so is the rate of their erosion, and the deep bed of the rivers is rising little by little so that everything, if these processes go on long enough, will become one level.  This, in addition to uranium’s changing into lead, shows us how the world is going towards a certain end. 


Thus, science proves that matter is not immortal! Matter came into existence at some time; since it is not immortal, it has a beginning. 


Hence, creation and the beginning of the material world necessitates the existence of a Creator.  Things that are made need a Maker!  All the universe is like a huge clock that was wound one day and that is now running down and releasing its energy.  Up till now we do not know of a way to recharge it.  Man appeared  in the middle of an ordered universe which is proceeding  slowly towards a certain end! 


Notice the fields, mountains, valleys, and the other topographical features around you! 


The geologist, John Powell, noticed the process of the encroachment of many rivers and concluded that, in time, the waters will engulf all solid land, no matter how elevated it was originally until everything reaches the common lowest level of the ocean floor. 


The Fourth Proof: 
There are many different varieties of any one species.  No matter how much these may differ in size or form, they are all one species.


The science of comparative genetics is trying to demonstrate that there is a great resemblance between the species of fish, animal, and man.  This is true, but is not a proof of evolution.  It is the strongest proof of the existence of God!  Scientists have failed to convert the unborn offspring of a fish into an animal or into a human as the unborn organism developed into  the same type of fish that laid the egg.


Also, the experiments in the cross-breeding of species to improve and change them do not so much prove   evolution   as  they  prove that there are fixed laws that govern the reproduction of animals and man and that these laws operate within limits that cannot be infringed or broken.


We have been able to produce new varieties of a certain species; nevertheless, they are all of that same "species" and cannot be converted into another.


The simple farmer who works on his land is familiar with the idea of improving a species.  The specialized scientists in their laboratories can determine accurately how the genes and chromosomes  interact  in man to produce color and the various other characteristics and can predict the way offspring will look.  This is proof of the wisdom and power of God since it is He Who put these laws and still preserves them.  Our God said: "Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind."  The continuity and preservation of this law is a fourth proof of the existence of God.


Scientists have attempted, in comparing the skeletons of the chimpanzee and the gorilla with that of man, to establish that all evolved out of one origin.   But  this is a great fallacy!  This resemblance proves the existence of God!  This is, in actual fact, a "unity of design"  which is evidence of one architect who designed and planned this cosmos.  This is simply a "functional resemblance" only. Therefore, our God has put living and powerful laws, and He maintains them also.


The Fifth Proof:
We live in a world that is extremely complex and which is designed in an amazing way.  The dawn always breaks; the deserts, mountains, and rivers all exist in harmony in surpassing beauty so long as man does not interfere with them!  Nothing lives or dies for itself; all types of life are interdependent.


The traditional question about evolution is: which appeared first, the ear of wheat or the seed?  Did the seed evolve slowly thoughout millennia independently of the stalk of wheat from which it derives its life?


Did the flowers, grasses, and trees evolve very slowly during millions of years independent of the small seeds that are the basis of their lives?


These are difficult questions for the evolutionist to answer, exactly like the old question:  Which appeared first, the egg or the chicken?  The scientist claims this question is trivial, and the reason is that he simply does not know the answer. He therefore prefers to turn this question into a laughable joke in order to avoid having to answer it.


This complex cooperation between the different forms of life proves the existence of a Creator and Architect.  He is the great designer before Whom lies this universe in all its   complexity.     He    gives  it   the ability to exist.


Nothing lives or dies for itself.  Plants and animal decompose after death to provide other living organisms with more life.  A tree lives, then dies and falls to become part of the earth in a forest and thus provides the small insects with the basic requirements of life.


This great and complex universe and this complex earth on which we live and whose air we breathe are the work of a Great Designer.


The properties of metals, the wings of birds and flies, the beauty of the dawn, the facets of a beautiful crystal, all these, and above all, the amazing wonder of the body of man, tell of an Immortal Designer.


The order found in the universe declares the existence of a Designer.


The Sixth Proof: the Fulfillment of Prophecies:
Approximately a third of the Holy Bible consists of prophecies.  Although a great many of them tell us about  what  is  to  happen,  many  of them have been fulfilled or are currently being fulfilled.


God sent His prophets hundreds of years ago to great cities like Babylon, Akron, Acceded, Askelon, Tyre, and Sidon.  Thes aba e ordinary men foretold the ruin and fall of these cities and the way this would happen.  These prophecies have been fulfilled in all their details in the time determined by God.


God knows the future and reveals what is to happen in it through prophecies that are inexorably fulfilled.


The Seventh Proof:
This is probably the most important proof altogether for us as Christians.  It is "answered prayer".  Because the atheists and agnostics have never prayed, they have not experienced answered prayer and that is why they doubt!


There are numerous examples in the Bible, in Church history, and in our daily lives of God answering the prayers of His children.  They are innumerable examples and this experience is open to all believers: "Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them." (Mk. 11: 24).


Some people might imagine that the answer to prayer is the same as concentrating on a certain matter.  But in fact it is a direct intervention from God in a miraculous way that reveals  the work of His omnipotent Hand.  It is the fruit of obedience to the laws of God, of walking according to His will, and of faith in His promises.


These seven proofs which  declare clearly the existence of our great God are only a simple introduction to the subject.  We are not dealing in imaginings or assumptions, for we have much evidence and many proofs. 


It is time we said with Job: "For I know that my Redeemer lives, and that He shall stand at last on the earth" (Job 19: 25).

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