The Holy Lent

This Week in The Holy Lent - Week 1

This Week in The Holy Lent - Week 1

"Be still an experience the presence of God." Lent allows us to do it.

“The frenetic activity of modern life with all its pressures makes it indispensable that Christians seek prayerful silence and contemplation as both conditions for and expressions of a vibrant faith. When God is no longer at the center of human life, then life itself becomes empty and meaningless…Jesus himself often “went off to a lonely place and prayed there…” Jesus’ prayer is our example, especially when we are caught up in the tensions and responsibilities of daily life.”
(John Paul II, Ecclesia in Oceania, no. 37.)

Lenten Reflection: Video - It took 40 days! -video
Highly Recommended.

Lenten Retreat Video - Day 1 - video
Experience the power of the lent spending 15-20 minutes a day on meditation and Gospel reading.

Lenten Reflection

Daily Meditations and Bible Reading:

Day 6 - First Saturday of the The Holy Lent

Day 5 - First Friday of the The Holy Lent

Day 4 - First Thursday of the The Holy Lent

Day 3 - First Wednesday of the The Holy Lent

Day 2 - First Tuesday of the The Holy Lent

Day 1 - First Monday of the The Holy Lent

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Water Turned into Good Wine at Cana: Spiritual Implications
Jesus converted the water in the cleansing Jars to good wine, proclaiming the reason for his incarnation, suffering, crucifixion and resurrection; which is the cleansing of all humanity from their sins. The old wine bottles are thrown away when you are a Christian.

The Wedding At Cana
The first miracle was something like creation itself; it was done by the power of "the Word." The world generally gives its best pleasures first; afterward come the dregs and the bitterness. But Christ reversed the order and gave us the feast after fast, the Resurrection after the Crucifixion, the joy of Easter Sunday after the sorrow of Good Friday.

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