The Holy Lent

Day 2 - First Tuesday of the The Holy Lent

by Prince Mathew

Preface for meditation

The Holy Lent is a wonderful opportunity to do our job, that is, mainly our returning to Him, repentance. Indeed, repentance is the most blessed and God-given way of returning to Him. In Orthodox perspective, our whole life as believers is a way of constant returning to Him with gratitude – to the point of union with God. Even in the midst of spiritual growth, our main job has to remain in repentance. Then, God does His part, multiplying His blessing, purifying, illumining and sanctifying us. It is only through our repentance, we meet His grace.

According to St. John Chrysostom, repentance consists of confession, fasting, prayers, forgiveness, almsgiving and humility. Here, we see why the The Holy Lent is a blessed time, as we are reminded by all of these. Our endeavor on the path of repentance makes us to remain in Him and ultimately to encounter His power and glory.

The The Holy Lent is a spiritual journey, during which we do fast for fifty days. This journey symbolizes the entire human life. This is about the way of our returning for the reconciliation with God. It reminds us the fall of humanity and the way of restoration. It teaches us what the human being is and what the relationship with God means to us. It is indeed our turn to commit ourselves to return to Him, confessing our sins, with fasting and prayers, in humility and simplicity, in mindfulness and watchfulness, and in compassion and love, so that we may make this journey to be fruitful; we may make this Lent, a time of personal transformation, a renewal of our souls and bodies. We may eventually rejoice in our arrival to the Light of Christ’s Resurrection.

Bible Reading:

First Tuesday of The Holy Lent


* St. Luke 4: 1 - 15


* Exodus32: 30- 35
* Hosea14: 1 - 9
* Isaiah 30:1-4
* St. James1: 12-27
* Ephesians4: 32- 5: 21
* St. Matthew 6: 1-6

Verse for the day : St. Luke 4:14 - Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about him spread through the whole countryside.

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