Contemplations on Psalm 6
Author: His Holiness Pope Shenouda III
Print: 3
, 2003
ISBN: 5345-26-X
Fr Macarius Wahba
Diocese of Melbourne
November 14, 2005
Enthronement Anniversary of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III
The sixth Psalm is from the Morning Hour Psalms.
It is also from the Psalms of repentance, like Psalm 50(51).
It is also a cry to God, from a person in trouble, like Psalm 12(13) “How long, O
Lord. Will you forget me forever." and like Psalm 3 “Lord, how they have increased
who trouble me!"
It is suitable to a person who is in tribulation from his enemies, and to a person who is
in spiritual toil from sin and from Satan…
He expresses the emotions that pass through the hearts of many, asking for mercy
from God.
The Church took great care with this Psalm, repeating it in some of the prayers of the
Agbia: In the Morning Prayer, in the Veil Prayer for the monks and in the Midnight
It is also from the Psalms that start with explaining the toil and trouble of the
oppressing enemies, but it ends with joy. The person praying feels that, during his
prayer, God has received and accepted it; which calls for joy and praise.
In this, it resembles Psalm 3 and also Psalm 12 – the same spirit the same answer.
I delivered these contemplations in this Psalm late in 1968, in the Friday night
meetings. The contemplations remained in audio cassettes till God willed that it be
published after 27 years, and reach your hands, dear reader.
It is one of the Psalms that was the subject of our contemplations at that time. We
have published part of it, and I hope that the rest is on its way to you, with God’s will.
Pope Shenouda III
April 1995