The Holy Lent

Day 21 - Fourth Sunday of the The Holy Lent

by Prince Mathew

Preface for Meditation:

Later on, Jesus went out and looked straight at a tax collector called Levi, as he sat at his office desk. "Follow me," he said to him. And he got to his feet at once, left everything behind and followed him. St. Luke 5: 27-28

Jesus never demands or commands any to follow him; instead he extends an invitation to each person. We do not hear God speaking in judgmental tones like claps of thunder; instead we experience the soul-searching voice of a friend. It matters not where we are, or in what task we are engrossed, Jesus chooses the time. We choose to accept or reject his invitation. In fact, throughout our walk with Jesus, no matter how often or for what reason we pause, Jesus never bullies or threatens us. It is always his loving voice that reaches out and enmeshes our hearts.

The invitation to follow in Jesus’ footsteps opens our lives to adventures we had never contemplated. It is the only soul satisfying adventure that we can undertake. Full of challenges and opportunities, with the chance to know God intimately, this is our choice that will resound throughout eternity. Follow Jesus? There are not many choices in life for which one would be prepared to die, but walking with Jesus every step of the way is definitely one.

Jesus said to Levi "follow Me", Levi immediately got up, left all his work and followed Jesus. During this The Holy Lent let us accept His invitation and walk with Him.

Bible Reading Passages:
Fourth Sunday of The Holy Lent (Canaanite woman)

* St. Mark 7:24-37

* St. Luke 7:1-10

Before Holy Qurbana
* I Samuel 7: 10-17
* Numbers 17 : 1 - 8
* Isaiah 56: 1 - 7

Holy Qurbana
* Acts 4 :1- 12
* Romans 7: 14 – 25
* St. Matthew 15:21-31

Bible Verse of the day:

People were overwhelmed with amazement. "He has done everything well," they said. "He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak." St. Mark 7:37

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