The Holy Lent

Day 10 - Second Wednesday of The Holy Lent

by Prince Mathew

Preface for Meditation

Fasting is a beautiful period to do good deeds by helping the poor, feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, and taking care of the needs of others. The person who fasts by not yielding to the needs of the flesh, will feel the needs of others and his heart will be moved to serve them. The asceticism of fasting teaches us to care for the heavenly and not be concerned with the earthly. Thus it becomes easy to forsake our material possessions and offer them to the needy.

Lent is training for simple life. Fasting and vegetarianism during the Lent are invitation to overcome the enslaving power of consumerist culture which is based on greed. In the midst of prosperity and over consumption we are trained to enjoy the beauty of a simple life based on need. Lent gives us a wonderful experience of simple life. This freedom from the grip of over luxurious life and enslaving consumerist culture make us sensitive to the basic needs of the poor and the suffering and share with them our resources.

Fasting is more than not eating food. It is more important to fast from sin. Besides controlling what goes into our mouths, we must control what comes out of our mouths as well. Are our words pleasing to God, or do we curse God or our brother? The other members of the body also need to fast: our eyes from seeing evil, our ears from hearing evil, our limbs from participating in anything that is not of God. Most important of all, we need to control our thoughts, for thoughts are the source of our actions, whether good or evil. Let the words of GOD overcome all our five senses on this lent days.

Bible Reading:

Second Wednesday of The Holy Lent

* St. Matthew 18: 1-11

* Exodus34: 1-17
* Proverbs7: 1-11
* Zechariah8: 1-8
* II I John 1: 1-15
* I Corinthians 8: 1-13
* St. Luke11: 1-13

Bible Verse for the day:

"Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven". St. Matthew 18:4

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